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Rocks from Israel

סלעים מישראל

Fossils Stems

עצים מאובנים

Fountains and Waterfalls

מזרקות ומפלים סלעים.קום

Floor Coverings

חיפויי קרקע

Railway sleepers

אדני רכבת

Colored Glass

סלעי זכוכית

Rocks Furniture

ריהוט מסלע

Rock art

אומנות בסלע

Stepping stones

אבני דריכה

Ancient Olive Trees

עצי זית עתיקים

Worlds Products

סלעים מהעולם סלעים.קום

Building Rockeries

בניית מסלעות

Sale Sale Sale

פינת המבצעים שלנו

Breastplate Stones

אבני חושן

Colored Pebbles

חלוקי נחל בגוונים

Aquarium Rocks

סלעים לאקווריום

In 1990 two friends, Baruch Ashkenazi and Binyamin Elitzur founded a gardening business “A.A.A. Gardening and Development.” From providing services to a few private gardens, their client base increased to a tens of thousands among which there were companies, institutes, local councils, hotels and resorts, event halls, military bases, contractor companies, architects and clients from abroad.

How to get to us

Why to choose us

The experience we accumulated enables us to answer the specific needs of each and every client in terms of the specific environment conditions of the site and the budget at hand.

Therefore, the choice of still objects as well as vegetation and organic objects, landscaping, paved roads, terraces and rockeries are done while maintaining contact with the three elements involved: the client, the professionals and the evolving area.