In 1990 two friends, Baruch Ashkenazi and Binyamin Elitzur founded a gardening business “A.A.A. Gardening and Development.” From providing services to a few private gardens, their client base increased to a tens of thousands among which there were companies, institutes, local councils, hotels and resorts, event halls, military bases, contractor companies, architects and clients from abroad.

Aside from Baruch and Benny who are certified landscape engineers, the Company employs top of the line experts in the fields of agronomy and landscaping. The largest quarries in the country are among the Company’s main suppliers. “A.A.A. Gardening and Development” keeps the environment clean and refrains from harming nature. In order to meet with our clients’ unique demands, “Rocks” Company was established. We travel throughout the world, locate and import stones, rocks, minerals, exotic pebbles in a stunning variety of shapes and forms which you can see at our display area in Gedera. The impressive supply is suitable for a variety of professionals and purposes: landscape architects, gardeners, artists, sculptors, stonemasons, pools, fountains, rockery building and more. Our company is among the leaders in its field in Israel and the world.

rocks center

rocks and organic elements

We specialize in providing solutions for professionals as we build sites that combine a rich variety of still and organic elements from nature: soil, a variety of stones, tuff, pebbles, train sills, tiles, art objects and more. You can always come across unique objects, first hand suppliers, special service for professional as well as professional training.

The experience we accumulated enables us to answer the specific needs of each and every client in terms of the specific environment conditions of the site and the budget at hand. Therefore, the choice of still objects as well as vegetation and organic objects, landscaping, paved roads, terraces and rockeries are done while maintaining contact with the three elements involved: the client, the professionals and the evolving area.

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